Student Housing

We deliver innovative insurance placements and broad risk management services for student housing owners and operators.

Student accommodation produces revenue from either direct let or nomination arrangements and has key occupancy dates as a result of the academic year, resulting in a nonstandard real estate placement.  Our role is to ensure the underwriter appreciates the nuance of a student housing risk as opposed to other traditional real estate portfolios.

We represent key student accommodation owners and operators within excess of 40,000 beds. Our broad policy wording covers not only the basic insurance needs of a student housing landlord, but also includes valuable extensions that non-specialist brokers’ and ‘off the shelf’ policies tend to overlook.

The policy is underwritten by 12 major insurers and is supported by an in-house property insurance administration system, known as ‘Asset’.  Our ‘Asset’ system stores, organises and produces all the data relevant to the properties where insurance is arranged by REAC.

REAC places cover for the following areas of risk:

  • Material Damage to student housing stock and associated property
  • Loss of Revenue, alternative accommodation costs and revenue protection with the key academic trigger dates understood Employers, Public and Property Owners Liability
  • Excess Liability arrangements
  • Engineering Insurance and Inspections
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Latent Defects
  • Legal Indemnities including Defective Titles, Restrictive Covenants, Chancel Repair, Rights of Light and Judical Review
  • Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers Liability, Financial Risks including Reps & Warranties and Tax Indemnity
  • Contents on site and for which the Insured is responsible (including laundry services and vending machines)
  • Loss of rental income protection for retail elements (eg. shop or cafe)
  • Damage and theft cover for chip and pin and payment collection devices on site or in management offices
  • Money cover for cash held on premises
  • Loss of third party data held within operating systems
  • Computer damage and theft protection including reinstatement of data cover
  • Bespoke ‘Project’ Contract Works insurance for new developments and life cycle maintenance works.



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