PFI & Lift Projects

In recent years, we have worked closely with a broad range of clients in the field of Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) and LIFT Projects, guiding them through the unique risks involved. Those risks can arise at every stage, from initial design through construction and throughout the operational life of the building or project. It is critical that you do not leave yourself exposed to the considerable losses that could arise from inadequate cover. Our role is to make sure that never happens by putting in place a comprehensive risk management strategy to give you peace of mind throughout the whole process.


In the fast-developing field of PFI and LIFT we have been responsive to the changing nature of such projects and have developed genuinely innovative solutions. These have included comprehensive insurance programmes for up to five years – to cover the design, construction and operational phases. This approach can have huge benefits in terms of budgeting, particularly when you are in the early stages of a project.


Our team is experienced in providing solutions in all of the following areas:

  • Designing and placing insurance programmes on behalf of the project company involved.
  • Providing expert advice and risk consultancy to the public sector client.
  • Providing ‘Due Diligence’ consultancy on behalf of project financiers.




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